Malverne Historical Society
The Malverne Historical & Preservation Society held its first meeting on
October 27, l986. Mayor Louis Cocchi swore in its first officers:  
President - Keith Rossein, 1st Vice President - Richard Gumo,
2nd Vice-President Peg Paone, Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Hunt,
Recording Secretary - Helen Driscoll, Treasurer - Patricia Gumo,
and Historian - Anne Marcus.

The first year was spent developing a constitution and bylaws. On
January 21, l987, the Society was granted its provisional Charter under
the New York State Education Commission.

The Society’s main purposes are to obtain, organize, preserve, display,
and make available to the public, all historical information and artifacts
pertaining to Malverne and surrounding areas.

Most forex trading is done in a decentralized fashion through over-the-counter markets.

In addition, the Society
endeavors to preserve, whenever possible, older structures and
landmarks within the membership perimeters, and to promote the
identity of Malverne as a community.
Contact the President:
Malverne Village Historian Robert Powers
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